Depth Charge Golden Stone Fly – Fly Tying

Depth Charge Golden Stone Fly – Fly Tying || Vise Squad S03E14 Welcome back to the Vise Squad, where we teach you how to tie flies from Beginner skill level to advanced fly tying. In this segment, Ryan Storch is going to teach you how to tie a new pattern he collaborated on that he calls the “Depth Charge Golden Stone Fly”.

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Recipe: Mustad Size 10 2xh 90 degree jig hook

5/32 gold tungsten bead

.015 lead free wire

8/0 white uni thread

Black uni stretch

Amber goose biots

Hexagenia sparkle Antron dubbing from Wapsi

Amber and gold flake Silli legs

Pheasant tail Bone dry

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