Goes To 11 Vise Squad || March Brown May Fly Tutorial

Welcome to our new weekly segment, the “Goes To 11 Vise Squad”, hosted by Ryan Storch, sponsored by www.sea-run.com

In these segments, Ryan will teach you how to tie flies and other Fly Fishing related content.

Do you like to tie flies? Send us a direct message if you want to be part of our “Vise Squad” on camera teaching segments too!

Go to this link for the answer to this week’s trivia giveaway contest! https://goesto11.ca/2234-2/

Supplies used to tie this week’s fly:

#12 barbless, dry fly hook by “Hends”

8/0 uni thread in Camel

Turkey Biot (Mahogany colour)

Brown dyed Grizzly Hackle

Dunn Grizzly Hackle Antron Yarn (for the wing)

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