Klinkhammer Fly – How To Tie flies || Vise Squad S2E18

Klinkhammer Fly – How To Tie flies || Vise Squad S2E18 In this instalment of the Vise Squad, Ryan is going to show you how to tie a Klinkhammer fly and you will love the simplicity of its complexity! A great top water bug that will get the fish lined up at the buffet table when you’re on on still waters!

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Size 10 Caddis Hook by Mustad, number C49s

Cream 70 denier Ultra Thread

Light Olive Turkey Biot

Black Peacock Diamond Dub

7/64 Foam Post from Get N Hooked

Light Dun Grizzly Hackle from Whiting


The Vise Squad Team uses Dr. Slick tools, they’re the best! Order yours here: https://amzn.to/3aEfMtV

Solarez Bone Dry – you can buy it here: Cdn orders https://amzn.to/38ETUgJ US orders: https://amzn.to/3bIrLHz

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