Lefty’s Deceiver – Fly Tying || Vise Squad S2E27

Lefty’s Deceiver – Fly Tying || Vise Squad S2E27 Welcome back to another instalment of the Vise Squad, where we teach you how to tie flies from Beginner skill levels to Advanced skill levels. In this episode, Kyle Kelm teaches you his take on a “Lefty’s Deceiver” Streamer pattern. You are going to love both tying and fishing this pattern!

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Togens Salmon/Steelhead Stainless Steel Hook Size 3/0

100D UTC GSP Thread

White Strung Hackle

Togens Chartreuse Super Flash

Flashabou #6925

Bucktail Olive and White

Stick On Eyes

Loon Thick Clear UV Resin

Solarez Bonedry


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