Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) 2018 Fair Food Tasting Tour

Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) 2018 Fair Food Tasting Tour.  We had an absolute blast on the Media Tour tasting some of the more extreme cuisine being served at the Fair this year. Wait until you see us eat the “Caramel Apple covered in crickets” – YIKES! We also added a new face to our team, and introduce you all to Tianna. The Pacific National Exhibition, also known as the “PNE” is the West Coast version of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) that takes place annually in Toronto at the same time. The PNE has hosted many unique activities over the years and one of the crowd favorites was the “Lumberjack Show” where skilled Lumberjacks would compete in timed competitions. They also had “Demolition Derbies” that were so much fun to watch! Both of these events have disappeared over the years and we really wish they’d bring them back! Having said that, there are tons of things to see and do while at the Fair. A wide range of Amusement Rides and Midway Games, TONS of food items, Livestock displays, free concerts and so much more! While there, don’t forget to buy your tickets for the home lottery, or as the ticket sellers say “Win a house! Win a car!” This draw has been an annual event since it’s inception in 1934! Here is a VERY cool story about the first lucky winner:… Get off the couch and go check it all out today, the Fair closes for the season on September 3rd, 2018.

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