Pot Roast – Mini Chief Smoker & Instant Pot

Pot Roast – Mini Chief Smoker & Instant Pot. I did a little experiment tonight by using my Smokehouse Products “Mini Chief” smoker to put some Pecan Wood smoke on my roast beef before putting it into the Instant Pot to pressure cook. The meat turned out really good with a smokey flavour that can only be achieved by smoking with real wood. The pressure cooking cycle tenderized the meat and made it almost like pulled pork consistency. I used a steak rub on the steak prior to placing it in the smoker. Smoke stage took about 90 minutes (you can do less if you want less smoke flavour). Pressure cook in the Instant Pot for 65 minutes on “Meat” setting on high level. I added 1.5c of water with 2 sachets of OXO Beef broth. Add some white potatoes and carrots to the pot. Once pressure cooking is done, allow 10 minute natural release cycle then release any remaining pressure by turning Venting knob. Once vented and red pressure indicator tab drops, you can remove the lid.

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