As a guitarist and music lover, the movie ‘This is Spinal Tap’ has always been a favourite of mine. The ridiculous humour and shenanigans of the band cracks me up!

Having said that, the bizarre philosophy of something being rated an ’11’ just seems to separate it from the rest. So, when I was creating ‘Goes To 11 Media’, my approach was to have Activities, Hobbies, Events, Attractions & Unique Products that everyone could relate to; from B.A.S.E. Jumping to Quilting, from all four corners of the world.

A website for YOU, the person who likes interesting but non-risky hobbies, and for YOU, the person who likes to dial up the intensity!

All of our content is ‘G’ rated, contains no illegal, unsafe activities, and no activities showing someone getting hurt, so parents can relax in the knowledge that their kids might log in and watch our content, and all is well. Parents can log in and enjoy some of our great product reviews (such as our Craft Beer segments), or find great activities to do themselves!

Finally, we are constantly adding to our list of quality products that we represent in our online stores! Go check them out in the ‘Stores‘ tab above, and check out some stuff that make great gift ideas.

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Goes To 11 is your one-stop for sharing your videos, viewing other great clips, and a place to find some amazing products we review and believe in!

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Rick Pedersen
CEO, Goes To 11 Media

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