Coffee Review – We Love Van || Grounds For Divorce S1E26

Coffee Review – We Love Van || Grounds For Divorce S1E26 Welcome back to Grounds For Divorce, where we review a variety of coffee products. In this special segment, we also tribute one of our all time favourite guitar players, Eddie Van Halen. It is with heavy hearts that we lost a pioneer and revolutionary guitarists this week from his battle with Cancer. Paula had her own difficult journey with Breast Cancer in 2016-2017 and still takes meds every day to help prevent its return. It is a condition that Survivors constantly live with concerns about a possible relapse and it is through everyone’s support of Cancer Research that enables people like my wife Paula to be still with us today. Cancer is a terrible disease and takes too many people every year, in this case – EVH. Our condolences go out to Eddie’s family, friends, crew and fans through this sad time. As far as coffee goes, we are delighted to review the great coffees made by “We Love Van” and they were gracious in supporting us with this tribute to Eddie while we reviewed their coffee.

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