Spun Wire Nymph – How To Tie Flies || Vise Squad S1E31

How To Tie Flies || Vise Squad S1E31: In this segment, Ryan ties an out of this world nymph pattern we call “Mars Attacks”! This chironomid nymph pattern looks like it is from outer space but the fish go mad for it here on Earth! Use it under an indicator when fishing still waters and you’ll be yelling “fish on” before ya know it!


Size 10 Jig Hook 1/8

Black Slotted Tungsten Bead

Yellow 70d Ultra Thread

Small Fluorescent Yellow and Blue Wire

Green Pheasant Tail

Crystal Flash Dark Olive

UV Ice Dub

Ryan uses Dr. Slick scissors, they’re the best.

You can Order yours here: Slick Scissors

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