iWader Chest Waders – Product Review

iWader – Chest Waders Product Review . Fly fishing, river fishing, fishing gear.

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We recently received a pair of iWader Chest Waders, and we had to create a video review on them in case anyone was looking to buy a new pair of waders! The quality iWader puts into this product will amaze you!

Help Us Help Australia

We have committed to donating 100% of our Q1 profits, from the sales of the iWader lineup, towards the wildfire relief effort in Australia. A billion animals have perished, and many more are left injured, orphaned and in desperate need of help.

Our profit for each pair of waders is $10, and we will be sending the money right back to Australia to help the animals and people in the great country of Australia.

If you are looking to buy a great set of chest waders at an awesome price, look no further than iWader. And feel good, knowing you’ll also be helping out those animals and people that are in desperate need of assistance.

*Correction, pricing is in U.S. Funds

Please help us help Australia!

To order, simply click here: https://goesto11store.ca/shop/iwader/

Thank you for your consideration and help – it is very much appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Rick Pedersen
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