Intruder Fly – How To Tie Flies || Vise Squad S1E19

Intruder Fly – How To Tie Flies || Vise Squad S1E19.  This is one eye catching Intruder pattern that Steelhead will want to chase! Don’t forget to check your local Regulations about how many hooks you can use and snip off the primary hook the pattern is tied upon (you just used it for the hook shaft).


2/0 Mustad Up Eye Salmon Hook

1/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

3/16 Tungsten Dumbbell Eyes

Articulation Wire

6/0 Fire Orange Uni Thread

Olive Ice Dub

Silver Holotinsel

Purple Maribou

Fluorescent Fuchsia Maribou

Solarez Thin

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