Caddis Emerger – Fly Tying || Vise Squad S2E28

Caddis Emerger – Fly Tying || Vise Squad S2E28 Welcome back to another instalment of the Vise Squad where we teach you how to tie flies, from beginners fly tying to advanced fly tying skill levels. We keep it fun and engaging with weekly our free flies giveaways too! In this segment, Ryan Storch breaks away from his crazy busy work life to show you how to tie a fly that should be a staple in everyone’s Fly Box – the Caddis Emerger!

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Size 14 Togens Emerger Hook

12/0 Black Nano Silk

Caddis Green Hareline Dubbing

Extra Small Flash

Tan CDC ComparaElk Hair


The Vise Squad Team uses Dr. Slick tools, they’re the best! Order yours here:

Solarez Bone Dry – you can buy it here: Cdn orders US orders:

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