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Coastal Drone Co. – Drone Pilot License || Goes To 11 Did you know that if your drone weighs more than 250grams, you MUST have a Drone Pilot License? Did you know that all drones weighing over 250 grams MUST be Registered with Transport Canada? Did you know that you cannot legally fly a drone in Canada above *400 feet (* some very specific exceptions)? If you answered “No” to those questions and are either flying a drone over 250grams or are thinking about it, you had better pay attention to this video to avoid costly fines! Learn how to legally and safely operate a drone by studying Coastal Drone Company’s Drone Pilot’s Courses, either Basic or Advanced!

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Here are the courses Coastal Drone Co. offers:

Basic Online (English)

Basic Online (French)

Advanced Online

Best Buy Bundle

Remote Pilot Conversion Bundle

Foreign Pilots Course | TP15263 Compliant Training

RPAS Ground School | Advanced

Exam Prep | Advanced

RPAS Ground School | Basic

Exam Prep | Basic

Aerial Photography & Videography

Exam Prep | Basic


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