Whole Wheat Bran Bread – Non Leavening || Recipe Dash S1E4

Whole Wheat Bran Bread – Non Leavening || Recipe Dash S1E4 Okay, this bread recipe is too easy to make to be bread! You don’t need to wait for it to rise – that’s right, this is a non-leavening bread recipe! This quick clip shows you everything you need to do – Measure & mix the ingredients, form, bake, eat! It is also SUPER HEALTHY for you and it’s high fibre content is great for digestive health.

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1/2 Cup Wheat Germ

1 Cup 100% Bran

3 Cups 100% Whole Wheat Flour

1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour

1 Tsp Salt

1.5 Tsp Baking Soda

1.5 Tsp Cream of Tartar

Between 2 & 2.25 Cups Buttermilk


Preheat oven to 400F. Grease bread pan.

Sift dry ingredients to large mixing bowl and whisk together.

Make a well in the centre and add 2 Cups of Buttermilk all at once.

Stir to mix. Mixture should be slack but not wet. If too stiff, add more Buttermilk.

Shape dough with floured hands and press into greased pan.

Bake at 400F for approximately 60 minutes. (smaller pans 45 minutes)

To keep crust soft, wrap in a clean towel immediately after removing from pan. When loaf is cold, store in air-tight container or zip lock bag. This bread can be frozen.

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